What’s Wrong (and Right) with the Current Siena Website(s)?

As part of the Discovery Phase for the website redevelopment project, Fastspot recently performed a Content Audit.

Our core website working group – consisting of representatives from Marketing and Communications and ITS – worked with Fastspot to identify 50 of our top current web pages for a thorough review.

The pages were selected primarily based on analytics and included a blend of content that provided a broad representation of material across our website. Since the majority of our website traffic is limited to a small number of pages, the content audit offers a good analysis of a typical visitor experience.

The audit detailed select pages from both the siena.edu and community.siena.edu as well as landing pages created through Hubspot for student recruitment. In addition to a short review of each of the 50 specific pages, the Fastspot team provided some thematic feedback for consideration: Continue reading